Weight Loss / Virtual gastric lapband

I offer two options of hypnotherapy weight loss programs ..

1. is general weight loss which suits those who only need to lose a small amount of weight. With general weight loss we focus on one specific issue eg  portion control , exercise motivation, sugar addiction etc

2. is the virtual gastric lap band which is beneficial for those who need to lose over 10 kilos or fall into the obese category. It requires 4 sessions which i like to do fortnightly. The first session is modifying behaviours ..this is where we change the way you relate to food and exercise.. session 2 is weight off the shoulders where we release all negative emotions that you have associated with excess weight .. the third session you are introduced to your surgeon (hypnotically)  and we go over any other issues that may be standing in your way .. the fourth session is the (virtual) operation.I offer a free 5th follow up session a few weeks later to make sure everything is on track and going to plan. this program is not a diet it is learning to enjoy everything in moderation and making permanent changes so that you enjoy a healthy lifestyle.