Went to see Tara on Tuesday last week for a session to quit smoking and am very happy to say I have not had a single smoke since and haven't really even had any cravings I am so impressed thank you Tara!!!!!!
- Katrina Harrison

I have been meaning to write this for a while but thought to be fair, I would give it the test of time... I went to Tara for one session about 3 months ago to overcome sweet cravings and I can honestly say it worked! I walked away feeling relaxed but still a little (lot) skeptical (I love(ed) chocolate!).. however I have not once been able to touch the stuff since and I still can't believe how easy it was! I will be honest and say I have tested myself a few times but can't even stand the texture much less the taste and I never even think about buying it anymore.. I would highly recommend that you give Tara a try.. I will definitely be back to deal with my horrid nail biting habit next! smile emoticonm so impressed thank you Tara!!!!!!
- Tammy Muller

Thank you so much for everything Tara!! I have been smoking for many many years and have gotten to the point that I no longer want to be. I stumbled upon Tara's page and with one visit, I am officially a non smoker! You really gave me the confidence in myself and through Hypnotherapy have helped me come over this horrible habit. After my first appointment I just felt more relaxed and just happy!! I would recommend Tara & the hypnotherapy to anyone!! Just an amazing person with an amazing soul wanting to help others. Thanks Tara! You rock!!
- Alyscia McBride Williams

Tara is an amazing intuitive Hypnotherapist. Before she begins she reassures you by thoroughly explaining the process which assists you to begin relaxing. Tara has helped me with an issue I was struggling with and I am confident the results will be long lasting.
- Kay Marchant

I too was thinking, is this really going to work & was hugely skeptical. But seriously the proof is in the pudding as they say!! However, don't just take my word for it, make an appointment & get the rest of your life started TODAY!! Happy Days....... Thanks Gorgeous Tara. Lee-Anne xoxox
- Lee-Anne Clancy

Awesome service and it's been one month since I've quit smoking, thanks Tara!
- Luke Fletcher

My last cigarette was in November. The only way I could tell was from my conversation history with Tara. It honestly feels like I haven't smoked my entire life and it feels amazing.
- Ben Jacobson

Two weeks... Two sessions... No smoking and no drinking smile emoticon thanks Tara. I have recommended you to a few already!
- Marie Cooke