Habits & Addictions


We all have habits and often depend on them for our survival.  Habits are routine behaviours occurring on a regular basis. They are often unconscious patterns of behaviour and are acquired through frequent repitition. Many of these are unconscious and we don't even realise we have them.  We cancondition ourselves to forming positive habits such as meditating each day at the same time and scheduling regular exercise. A habit may be positive or negative and self-sabotaging.  A good habit is something that the person exercises control over and chooses to do where as a destructive habit can often lead to an addiction such as nail biting, trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder), emotional eating and binge drinking.  Untreated destructive habits can often lead to addictions..


People with addictions have no control over what they are doing, and their behaviour is compulsive.  Often addictions can be harmful or dangerous. Addictions equate to dependency and may include gambling, sex, over-eating to only name a few and can be a tangible substance addiction or behavioural addiction such as gambling.

Hypnotherapy is a great aid to permanently control habits and addictions.  The client must want to be rid of the habit or addition for treatment to be successful . once in the hypnotic state we create positive changes to the way you think and feel about the addiction and insert positive suggestions which in turn change the thought patterns in the conscious mind. I have had smokers leave after one session and never resume smoking again, likewise with other difficult habits and addictions such as drinking and nail biting . There is absolutely nothing to lose other than the habit or addiction.