Depression and Anxiety

Every now and then everyone experiences feeling low and sad as this is a natural response when dealing with a loss of a loved one, a failed relationship, loss of job etc etc and usually time is a natural healer.. Depression is a serious illness that can impact on both mental and physical health.. Depression affects how people feel about themselves. They may lose interest in everything in their life, work and hobbies and become numb and despondent.  Getting out of bed can sometimes be too overwhelming for a severely depressed person.

Anxiety induces the feeling of panic and dread and everyone will feel anxious at one stage or another, worried, apprehensive or afraid that something will happen. When anxiety starts to impair quality of life continuous and causes distress it becomes a serious problem. Anxiety can lead to panic attacks which can cause a tightening of the chest, heart palpitations, shortening of the breath and sweating which can leave the individual feeling completely exhausted once the panic attack has subsided.  We as humans all have a natural  flight or fight response incase we are ever in danger and need to escape from a situation or threat quickly, however, when these feelings surface for no reason at all it can be debiltating for the person . I know as I have suffered anxiety many years ago.

Hypnotherapy is a fantastic tool to help with both of these conditions where medications treat the symptoms hypnotherapy treats the root  cause. I provide you with the  techniques to take away once the session is over to assist you to prevent a panic attack from occurring.  And with depression positive suggestions are imprinted into your subconscious.   I also give my clients a CD of the session to keep and take home to assist in the quest to beat depression and anxiety permanently.